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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sketching to see the world

I have discovered the one step in my art career that has been missing-sketching. I have always been good at rendering. Other professionals in the field have told me that my work is years ahead of most artist trying to depict a scene realistically. That I perfected years ago. But where I fell short was in the emotion or expression in my work. Most of the time my work would take weeks to finish. A very slow process. So picking up my sketchbook and drawing the people and places I see every day on a daily basis was acary to me. But, last Nov. I finally did just that. keeping my work to what I can get down in the time I have on scene or shortly there after has forced me to loosen up my work. Some pieces I still took the time to get the detail down but with a understanding of quick work has helped me become more expresive. I will never get away from doing more detailed work(that is just my style). But, having any where from 30 seconds to 1 hr to finish my work has done wonders for my work and my view of the world around me