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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Whole World Mobilizing

   As promised I had mentioned the 4 page spread article that I was doing a big amount of work for the Salvation Army in the magazine "SA Connects". Well, here it is in full - greatfully - some of the artwork I already had - I just sold it to them but there was a good deal of other bits and pieces I had to create to add to this finished work. Would love to see that as an actual game board - but that is an other deal.

   So - had to create new work to get this piece finished - only 5 of the images on this board were already done. There were 11 other images that I created for this work. See if you can find them. the only hint I will give you is that the buildings and cars I DID NOT do.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another 100 yr old house.

   Well, I had to blitz on this one. This is the Oliver Culver house here in Rochester. Really, a beautiful one with tons of character and charm - not to mention lots of detail. It is the latest Architectural rendition illustration for the Landmark Society of Western NY. It is for a magazine they put out every month.

     I say I had to blitz on this one because I had another building they had asked me to draw (a post office), but mid month last month they changed it to this home. That alone would not have been a problem but I had a couple other pans in the fire - so to speak - and then Juli and I went on a long weekend to my hometown Ithaca. In doing so I lost track of the time and when I returned home I got an email asking if the artwork would be done on July 10th. I got that email on July 10th.  I scrambled off an email back and was told at the latest I could get it to them by the 25th. So I dived right in.

   Now, I quickly got the pencil line work done then inked over the lines the started laying water color down with in two days time. I took the 3rd day to go over it all with colored pencil and retouch some of the ink. so, in the end I got it emailed off to them with an invoice by the 15th(one day later) and they were very pleased. The original is 9" W x 6 5/8" tall. I was surprised by how quickly this one came together. I am getting proficient in this style of artwork so it is getting easier to do them.