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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Rochester Postcard Project Version 2 //post#1

 So - as I have mentioned recently I am working on producing a book titled the Rochester Postcard Project.  I am right now in the throws of blitzing through 35 birds eye view maps to go with each postcard I have done.  To go with that book I did this poster to help promote the book.   Possibly to become a fold out in the book.  I will post here a review of each postcard and the map that goes with it.  So starting with the one furthest north, following the order I put them on the map here, I start with Charlotte Beach.
 This was done during a concert on the beach. During a break I went down to the beach since it was sunset and quickly blocked this piece in with some hints of the colors.  I took it home and finished it there.  I just loved the colors that the sun cast at this time of day.
The map is an overview of the entire beach. This use to be an amusement park before the turn of the century and the only part left of that park is the merry go round under the square roof on the top right of the map and the large community sports center in the bottom left.