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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Rochester Warner Family Legacy Day 5

The Rochester Savings Bank is still a bank, but, now it is Citizens Bank and only the main floor is the top floors are now owned By RIT the local tech school.  This big block of a triangular building is imposing and seems to be rooted in place.

But, that is exactly what was aimed for when being designed.  Some buildings are tall and slender and reach for the sky and others spread out or flamboyant.  This building however is solid.  What you want in a financial institution. 

In trying to depict this building as it once looked when originally built I had a hard time finding good photos to go by.  I had to go by a sketch done of it at the time to get the original entrance.

Not too much to go on but enough to make an educated guess.  This building is wedged behind the current
Sibleys building and now faces the Liberty pole.  I took the photo of the building to get the angle the same as the sketch.  You can see right away why it was just a bit of a stretch to recreate the original entrance.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Rochester Warner Family legacy Day 4

For the Annual Landmark Society Auction I was asked to come up with something that would stand out.  The "Free Academy Building"  had always caught my interest so I decided to create a framed piece of it as it looked before the turn of the century.  Built in 1873 it replaced the 2 story building before it.

It was a Victorian Gothic revival style.  Instead of paint to adorn it various types of stone were used to create the look of decoration on this building.  Really, today, the only difference is the lack of a smoke stack and no cast iron railing on the roof.  Otherwise, this building is exactly the same today.

It was the first building in town that I noticed needed some TLC.  Its roof was missing several sections and I could see right into the attic space.  Walking around it I could see it was vacant.  Imagine my surprise when I was walking around the area one day several years later and I noticed a new roof.  While downtown for another event that I ended up missing so I walked over to it.  There was a cafe open and I made friends with the chef and later met the new owner.  A wonderful example of rescuing a jewel of the city.