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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Years resolution

So we all talk about doing a resolution for the new year.  I kind of gave up on that, but this year I have resolved that my illustration business must start building steam.  To that I add writing.  I already have one article bought and another waiting at the editors for approval and purchase.  I did get this portrait done (quickly-3 days) of someone I grew up knowing, Enrique Lalut.  He also contributes to the magazine that I do artwork for.  He had a very dark photo for his by line so they asked me to create a pen and ink for it.  I was surprised by how quickly the hand work came together.  So, one piece down before the first week is out and several more lined up.  Next month one of my regular gigs will be doing an article about me.  So when it comes out I will post it here.  In the mean time Happy new year everybody.