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Sunday, October 14, 2012

@ Church

 I have not been able to post for a while now because of the computer industries practices.  What I mean to say is I own a all in one scanner, printer,copier.  All of the ones out there for sale now are like this.  The problem is they are built with all the circuitry going through the ink cartriges. That means that as soon as the ink runs out not only does the printer not work but neither does the scanner.  So there I am stuck not being able to post to my blog.  What I wouldn't give for a stand alone scanner to avoid this problem.  Had to spend money at the FedEx store to have a piece scanned for a publishing gig.  And it was a bad scan at that.  Anyway, on to other matters.           
     Both Juli and I are getting more involved in our church.  She is in the Bell choir and I sing in the other Choir.  Our church has two chapels.  The original,built back in the 1950's and the new one just a few years ago.  The Choir meets every Sunday morning before service in the old chapel.  It has the feel I grew up with for churchs.  And, of course, the accustics are great.  We practice for 1/2 an hour then head down to service.  The cross is wonderful piece to look at while we're there.
      We gather in the Gym and the pastor prays over us then we all file in.  Yes, 
       I wear a big robe.  But, as tall as I am there is about a foot of legs sticking out below it.  I am greatfull I stand in the back row.  I do get a few quick sketches in, but I stay attentive to the service.  I have the sermon notes to prove it.  LOL.  Last Sunday was the annual world communion.  The Choir always goes first so I was able to scribble out the one below.  Both the pastors conduct the ceremony.  And it took just a few minutes to get everyone in the service done.  Doing these quick sketches also help me stay attentive.  I am sometimes sleepy.  But, doing these help keep my mind sharp and alert.  When the pastor starts her sermon I have no problem following her.  I quess I am just wired visually.  Todays service she talked about developing healthy relationships.  How most of the time the conflicts in our lives come from our selfish desire for something we don't have. 
     Anyway, today we had our last class for membership in this church.  Next Sunday we will going through reconfirmation in the service.  Once done we will be members of the Aldersgate United Methodist church.  It's been a few years since we've been members anywhere. 

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