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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Grandpa @ his sawmill

So my family is putting out a book about the family during the 1800's.  Of course, because of the time period, Some of the photos are not that good, or non-existent.  This one case was the prior.  They had a photo but it was hard to make it out.  So who do they call, Ghost! - I mean me. Any way I get the picture by email and I run it through the wringer to get what detail I can.  I can see that the saw is moving  and that the ground in and around the saw is covered in mud or sawdust but outside of that snow.  Everyone is sure that it is my great grandfather in the foreground but are not sure who the young man is.  So I concentrate on what I can see.  I decide to recreate the image to look like and old photo but too make it clearer. I can't imagine spending large amounts of time outside in the cold Canadian winters cutting wood.  It had to be brutal at times.  This day was sunny.  I could make out the shadows of something on his coat.  But otherwise at the time that this photo was taken he had no roof on the mill. It also amazed me that they had a camera to even take this picture.  They were homesteading out in the wilds of Canada.

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