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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Breathing new life into old projects

So, this past week another store opened in the old Wegmans that closed near us.  This time it is the Goodwill store.  They remodeled part of the building to be their store.  My wife, Juli and I went there after church on Sunday to check it out.  We left with some small stuff but she also picked up a steamer and I with a 17 inch flat screen monitor($9) woo hoo.  My laptop screen cracked some time ago - so I have had to deal with a big blotch on the screen where the crack is.  I was able to plug in the new screen and walla - big (clean) new screen.  I am on it right now. 
It also means that I was able work on my graphics program at a size that doesn't strain my eyes.  These past few days I went back to some old projects that were in their line stages and scanned and finished them up.  Above is a piece I wanted to do a whole set of cards(eventually).  But the first one was this one of me for a small post card for my business.  I pulled out my old uniform to get the details right.  Thought it turned out pretty cool.

I also redid a piece that I once did years ago when I worked at a sign shop.  I created this as a decal that could be put on a vehicle on both sides(so reversible).  I had the original pencil line drawing so I scanned it in and recolored it.  I have the original digital image some where but at over 1000 dpi so very slow to open and most print shops are not setup for that.  So this one is at the standard 300 dpi. I wanted a fierce look for the eagle.  I do know that there are several vehicles in Afghanistan with this guy on their sides.  I want to revisit this as part of a patch of embroidered on the back of a jacket, heck, even as a tattoo maybe.

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