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Friday, November 21, 2014

     So - I have been out of touch here for a few months.  My family has taken a big hit these past few months.  A cousin in law Brett(my age) had a stroke, brother in law Walt(my age) died, cousin George(my age) died then an Aunt and Uncle also died.  After my Uncles' passing my mom said out loud "Basta" or "Enough".  We've mourned plenty I know them all well and know that they would say move on, live your life.  So with that said I dive into my work.
     I will be doing a review of a lot of the landmarks in Rochester, since I love the old buildings around here.  I begin with this guy above.  It was originally built to be a clothing store for the National Clothing Company whose manufacturing was done here too.  I don't have the details as to when it was built but figure it was late 1800s' to early 1900s' just because of the detail included on it.  I did my best to represent most of the small details and I know I have missed a lot since some is inside. Thank God they are preserving that too.  It was for a while a bank then for years it sat vacant.  This past year I have watched as they have been gutting it and remodeling it into the Hilton Garden Inn.
     It has been attached to the Hilton Hotel ever since the hotel was built but they bought the property and are making some fancy suites out of it.  Another example of the SLOWLY reviving downtown here in Rochester.  I fretted for a little bit as I watched them demolish an adjacent building then the old smoke stack.  But, they seem to be sticking close to the original, beautiful detail that give this site its character.  I can't wait to see the inside once they finished.

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