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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hero's of the Salvation Army

OK - so this next one took a bit longer to do since there were more people to draw. But, no self respecting American Salvationist would not recognize this image. It was drilled into us over and over again. George Scott Railton was given the official task of openly starting the Salvation Army's work in the US by the general. And he did it with a splash. Marching off the ship into Castle Garden, New York. With flags waving and singing hymns He and the Seven Hallelujah Lassies made sure to draw attention to them and they drew a crowd.

This image below I decided to pose them all together. As if they were a league of super hero's. He, being the leader, bold but dignified, standing out front. The woman fanning out behind him, ready to preach the gospel. I also wanted to given them a sense of being a range of very young to average age and closely bonded together as friends. 


  1. Awesome job! Love these Salvationist super heroes!

  2. Awesome job! Love these Salvationist super heroes!

  3. Pregunto desde Argentina ¿como consigo copias de tus dibujos?

    1. Depende a lo que nececitas, carteles, tarjetas postales, o algo para revistas o libros. digame lo que necesita