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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Revised Heroes of the Salvation Army

So, a bit of a laugh here. I spent some time with family during my vacation and I got an earfull about ONE of my heroes. Namely Evangeline Booth. Now taking criticism is no problem so I took it in and got to work. What they had to say was she looked to harsh, to much the prude.

Yes she did change sharply with age, but what I drew was too much. So I went in and softened her up a bit. That is the nice thing about digital images. You can redo what you've drawn. Included in this post is the before and after.

                                                                This is the before.

                                                                 This was after.

The changes are subtle. All the facial lines were made much more slender, the side of the face was brought in a touch and the chin was softened. I did bring in the nose just a bit and I lengthened her lips a bit so they did not look like she pouting or pursed. I tried to eliminate most of the wrinkles around the face so she did not look angry but, slightly smiling.  Oh, and yes she would never have worn brown shoes - so I changed that too. If you click on the images to bring them up to full size then click back and forth you can see the differences.

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