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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

John Payton Project X 2

Shortly after getting back from vacation my cousin was at it again with his band.  He and his band were, again at the Dinosaur BBQ.  We made it there with some friends this time and got to jam with them for a bit.  Of course - we had to leave early again to get home but still it was a lot of fun.  The first sketch was done on site with little time to do it in.  This time I tried to get most of them together.  During the concert I walked around with a camera and took some snap shots.  Even went to the restaurant owner to get permission to go up on the stairs to get some shots from above. Those I used to get the views you see in the second piece that I did at home.  Wanted to do a montage
of them.  Their bass player was missing that day so I did not get him in the image.  But I will work on it some more - at another time.  Wanted to get the sketched look but still do something more formal.

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