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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A day at the Rochester Market

 I met with my group of fellow artists for a day of sketching. Well, 4 hrs of it at least.  Juli and I went there with Melanie(a friend of Julis') - she to shop, me to draw.  I got out at the gate to the market and met up with my group at the Java's Coffee shop there.  We all sat outside around a couple of tables.  It was a hot sunny day and we kept moving to get the best possible spot in the shade.  I loosened up with the drawings of some of the others sitting around having coffee.

 It was a bit hard to get started.  But once I did I took off.  It was an place with lots of people moving around and staying still long enough for me to get started on them but I got a few.  So I switched to the cars near by.  Again - good but not inspirational.  As every body started to go I decided to walk around the market - to get that inspiration.  I got it back at the entrance.  The only problem was - to get the drawing I did I had to stand out in the sun a bit.  Started to sweat a bit.  So once I had the bones of it down I went to the bakery there to sit down inside and work some more on the piece.  A couple of guys there commented on my work and bought me a pastry and some water.  We did some
networking and had a good time talking. 

After that I walked back downtown to catch the bus.  Almost all the way there I came across this home that I have admired on many occasions so I stopped again and got the bones of it down then got to the bus stop and got my ride home.  It was a long day but a fun one.

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