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Friday, March 22, 2013

Seneca Waterways Council of the Boyscouts of America

As an Assistant Scoutmaster I am working with my council to develop images or design patches for this area.  It is one of the two organizations that I "donate" my services to.  I was asked to come up with a series of patches for this years National Jamboree.  It is the bragging rights of the boys(and girls in the explorers) to sell these patches at the jamboree.  The concept was to have seven coucil patches that reflect the history of the National Jamborees' and of Rochester New York.  So in each patch was half the patch of a specific Jamboree with a scout in the uniform of the period and a Kodak camera of that period with a scene in the background of where it took place.  Since this year is the first year they are allowing the explorers to go too the last council patch has an explorer. The Background has a scene from this years Jamboree.  On the cell phone the explorer is holding are icons of the other six cameras.  In between are filler patches with the troop numbers.  You can see that in the background is a staff.  That is so when pieced together the patches appear to be attched to one(an arrow staff, a wink to the Seneca Indians).  At the top is the arrow head, the scene in it is of a scout repelling down the First Federal building here in Rochester, with the Time Square building in the background. That is a tie in to the patch at the bottom(scout repelling, part of the logo for this years Jamboree) and a tie in to Rochester since that is an annual event held here to raise money for the council.  None of the lettering is visible in the image above(that was the job of the council to give that info to the patch maker).  But it was approved by the council and they are producing about 20,000 patches in all.  The boys get to buy the entire set at $30.  I am hoping that some of my friends would like to buy a set to raise money for the boys going to the Jamboree.  They are making two different sets. A regular set(with red border) at $75 and a collectors set(silver border) at $125.  If any body is interested look them up at Seneca Waterways Council.  It took a lot of work and some frustration(a couple of redesigns).  But it was a lot of fun to do it.  I was forced to reaquaint myself with photoshop and as I worked my way through them I got better and quicker and making them.  But the hardest part was the politics(dealing with all the members of the council and thier oppinions).  No matter what you do in life you can't get away from it.  Thank God I developed a thick skin in the Army. 

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  1. Great Work!
    This is Henry. I am the director for online largest Jamboree Shoulder Patch archiving platform : BSA National Scout Jamboree 2013 JSP " .
    A research and reference platform for Council planners, jamboree chairs, project & fundraiser coordinator and patches designer. This website has received great support and helps from authorities from many councils, jamboree contingent and indivisual to file his piece of History here.
    I have copied your description of works from above into my website as you can see from the link below (Unpublished)

    I hope to get your endorsement to include your artwork into the pages and public in this pages as well as in the 1st page of the home page.

    Henry (