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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bell Choir

     My wife Juli is in the church Bell Choir.  At first it was very hard for her.  It had been quite a few years since she had to read music and it was a bit of shock to look at a page full of notes.  However, that did not last too long.  Especially since all she had to do was keep track of 2 or 3 notes on that page.  Playing in a bell choir you generally are responsible 2 or 3 bells - so 2 or 3 notes.  She got her hands on some colored pencils and now every time she get new music she takes the time to go through the piece and mark those notes.

     So now all she has to do is count.  It is funny to watch her concentrate on that page as they play.  Every Saturday they all get together to practice.  Since I am off work on that day and usually too cold to go outside and draw I go with her often.  Over the past year I have built up a small collection of sketches.

The ladies quite often goof off and there a lot of laughing.  Sometimes the laughing comes from the counting outload.
During practice several of them sit through it.
They switch out at times for chimes,
a few months ago they decided to get a director(Doug Udell)
Sometimes even he gets lost. When that happens they all laugh.
Not long ago they had a new member join. 
What I enjoy watching most is the multiple bells going at once.
Shirley is the leader of the whole group of ladies.
Last week the Bell Choir played "It is well with my soul" as part of the celebration of lenten Season. I recorded this video from the choir loft.


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