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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drawing of home

     Okay, so I have not put in a post in a few months.  Had a computer melt down (2 of them) and it took a while to get new ones and get back up and running.  I did not stop drawing so I will be playing catch up with this blog on some of those.  But,  for today I am post these images of a commission that has taken me a few months to complete.  Not because it was a hard, but because I was working from the call center and was taking 4 extra hours a day in travel time by buss.  Needless to say I was always exhausted. 
     This week I was finally allowed to go home to work. In no time at all I got the piece done.  So I will be handing it over tonight to the owners of the home.  it is too big for me to scan in so these photos will have to do.

    First a copy of the photo I took for the lay out of the piece.  I went to their home and did some sketch's to familiarize myself with the home.
      I made a small black and white print of this and projected it on the paper I was using for the piece and blocked it in.  Next I penciled in the details.  The little black and white print I taped to the desk above the piece to give me my values.
I started at the top, left to right coloring in the sky and the background trees.  I had the photo on the screen of my laptop at all times.
Next, I started with the roof line
Then the chimney.  Before I moved on I went back over the roof and chimney to add the details
I started in on the house, again left to right.  The hardest part was all the individual rocks.
Then, of course I worked through the foreground vegetation and grass. I also kept jumping around adding detail were it needed it.
All I had left this morning was the sidewalk and the road.  It was a fun piece to do.

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  1. Phenomenal work Mark! It's great to see the process.