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Friday, April 19, 2013

39th International Sketchcrawl

This past Saturday wa the 39th Sketchcrawl for those of us who are Urban Sketchers.  Artist all over the world met together to spend the day drawing.  Here in Rochester N.Y. it was still a bit cold to be outside so we all decided to meet at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park.  It was nice and warm.  But for me the day started, as usual on the bus.  I noticed this guy in front of me with a hat that looked too small for him.
After taking a little time to walk around and admiring the plants we all settled down to draw.  I picked a spot with a chair and drew this view above.  It was a riot of detail and colors and I took a couple of hours to get this down.  In this room was a group of quail.  At first they kept peer up at us from under the foliage but after about 20 minutes they decided that we were harmless and walked in and around us. Where I sat they also would run in and under my feet it was cute to watch. Of course as soon as children came running in they all would scatter.
After that last drawing I wanted to concentrate on something small and by itself.  This flower stood out and I quickly drew it out.  Close up I was amazed by the detail God put into the smallest parts.

Moving to the cactus room I was intriqued by the shutter gears.  They were every where.
                        Of course, when in the cactus room you have to draw the cactus.

Also,of course was the mandatory sketch of other artist at work - busy at work in the cactus room

    The ride home always gives me subjects to draw

Finally, the next day at church I sketched Pastor Ann giving her sermon on the same passage of scripture that we heard on Easter sunday

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