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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand

Like a Man carrying a hidden camera I have worked for the past five years to get quick snap shots of the people and places around me and it has payed off for me.

Drawing someone can be less conspicuous and very obvious at the same time.  However, it is more acceptable than walking around with a camera.  It can also be much more personal in its' results.  LOL - sometimes I feel like the tiny animal inside the stone cameras from the Flinstones cartoon.  Furiously chiseling a picture on a flat piece of stone.
Most of the time I have an average of five to ten minutes to get the drawings done since the person will get off the bus.  So I concentrate on the emotion of the scene.  That too is often easy - what with it being early morning or late evening - most of the people I draw are sleeping or off in their own world.

For this entire next month of August those five years of sketches will be on display at the Transit Center, downtown Rochester NY.  I will be taking the 3rd off to go down there and set up the display and to meet with several people about the show.  Please take some time to come to the Transit Center and check it out.  I will however be talking about the show from time to time over the next month.


  1. Love your style I never know how to sketch inconspicuously
    Do you ever get over the nerves of "Someone is looking"

  2. Maybe 9 yrs in the Army got me over that but I have only once dealt with a person who did not like being drawn. Pretty much everyone else has enjoyed it and several have take photos of the drawings.