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Monday, August 3, 2015

Start of the Solo Art Show

Starting today I had opened my first ever solo art show I Titled "Seeing the City One Drawing at a Time - Snap Shots by Hand." It is 5 years worth of sketches of me riding the Rochester buses.
Each day I will try to touch on one or two of the drawings and what they are - or why I drew them. Below are 4 to start. I challenge anyone going to the Transit Center to go by the Show and find one they want to know more about, take a picture and post it here - asking me to talk about that one. I will do my best to explain the piece.
These started out as just an excercise tool for me but grew into much more. Check out each below for it's description

My self portrait, Early on here in Rochester I rode the bus late at night. That made the bus windows into mirrors. On one occasion I looked over my shoulder and saw this. It intriqued me and I knew that all arist's try to do at least one self portrait in their life times so I jumped in and sketched this one out.

Drawing during the winter time gave me some of my most memorable people to draw. Very often their clothes covered up much of their faces. But it was an opportunity to find the spirit of that person without using the most obvious clues. This man fit that bill to a tee.

By far my most unforgetful person to date. Even though the drawing seems to be very rough(bouncing bus), I did my best to depict this man with the dignity he was trying so hard to express. He got on the bus barely able to walk due to a partially paralized leg and right arm. He was wearing new shorts(tag still on) but the zipper was down. He struggled into his seat and got himself situated. By his look I guessed that he may have had a stroke sometime in the past. His eyes fought a battle with his own brain to maintain that air of dignity and I wanted to show him in that struggle to be normal.

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