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Monday, June 6, 2016

"Heroes" of the Salvation Army

   Now, I have been concentrating on the Sally heroes from America. So I want to branch out and talk about the ones who made a difference in other countries. So, I will start with this next one. Fredrick Booth-Tucker. He grew up in India and after university in England He came back to work up the ladder with in the British Indian Government, making to the level of Deputy Commisioner. This had him governing one district in all matters of government and law.
    On his return to England on a visit he met and joined the Salvation Army in 1882. Not surprisingly he was assigned to the legal department at international headquarters. However, just a few months later he, along with three other officer arrived back in Bombay to start the Army's work in India. At first his converts were all people who were already christian by but had not accept the Lord before.
    Fredrick and his other officers knew that the Indian caste system was their biggest barrier to reach them with the gospel. So they decided to drop the standard army uniform and they donned Indian garb. They chose hindu names for themselves. Fredrick chose "Fakir Singh", meaning the "Lion of God."
     Taking their queue from Christ they went to the outcast of the Indian society and preached there. Their message of forgiveness and equality resonated and the Army's work blossomed. During that time his wife died of cholera in 1887. He later married Emma Booth, one of William and Catherines daughters. They had nine children but in 1891 Emma grew ill so they returned to England to the international HQ. But, in 1903 Emma died in a train crash.
     After several appointments and working alone he married again in 1906 to the daughter of a one-time acting Governor of Bombay. They returned together to India were they worked together till 1919. At that point they returned to England due to his failing health.
    Growing up in India, serving within its government then accepting the Lord and a commision in the Army, On top of having nine children and getting married three times. Fredrick Booth Tucker was perfectly suited to bringing God message of Salvation to the masses of India. And God used him just for that purpose.

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