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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hero's of the Salvation Army

  Samuel Logan Brengle, a name that is now wholly entangled with the Salvation Army. But, when he went to meet the founder William Booth to ask to become an officer, the General did not approve of him. He was too independent and Booth thought he would not do well being bound by the doctrines and rules of the Salvation Army.

  Still, he was allowed to enter into training to be an officer. His first job as a cadet, to polish the shoes of his fellow cadets. He took to it with zeal, remembering the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet. Every job given to him he attacked with gusto. When he was commissioned he was sent back to the US to continue serving there.

  During his appointment to the Boston #1 corp he was struck in the head by a brick thrown by a drunkard and had to spend 18 months recuperating.  It is from that time that he began writing the articles that formed his first book "Helps to Holiness." and from that he became known for what he is known for today as the teacher of holiness within the Army.

  I have a first edition of that book in my library. It is tiny(not in content but in size). I have to wear my fathers' glasses to be able to read its small print. But, it is a cherished book in my collection. He was the first American born officer to achieve the rank of commissioner and was one the earliest to receive the medal the "Order of the Founder" for his contributions in his books and his unceasing work to preach the gospel.

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