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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 5 of the 28 day challenge

Well - I know there was a little gap there. The pinched nerve on my left shoulder blade had had me almost to the point of tears at times, This past Saturday I went to an Accupreasure guy and it was horrible pain while he was treating me , but, I felt better - to a point, Now I can handle the days OK - still - at night I can't sleep the night through. very frustrating, Anyway - here is the latest installment of the challenge.

I emptied out my bag and drew everything I had inside of it. These kinds of drawings are fun to look at. You can tell a lot about who that person is by the contents of their purse or shoulder bag. Mine - it was a bit straight forward. I am an artist and I keep my sketching tools in the bag.

Clockwise from top left - phone.tablet charger, napkins, pencil lead refills, leather colored pencil holder, my current sketchbook, pink silicone collapsible cup, business cards, mini composition book, poker chips from work, portable water mister, ball point pen, 2 indigo blue pencils and 2 white, a Sharpie no bleed fine tip pen, a mechanical pencil, a 005 size pen(tiny tip) a flash drive, and eraser and a heart shaped pencil sharpener.

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