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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Whole World Mobilizing

   Attention - Attention - raise those cellphones in flashlight mode for a big reveal!. Coming soon to the SA Connects magazine - a large spread with my work all over it. The image above will be one of the images in it but, until it comes out in about two weeks I can't reveal any more. The Title of this post will give it away - so look for that piece to come out. It is a collaboration between me and the people of the Salvation Factory. With their editorial and graphics abilities and my artwork we have created a beautiful piece for that magazine.
   It was a short notice commission and after a week of nonstop work I am wiped out - however the results show for themselves. What made it more time consuming was working with less then top notch equipment for the digital side of things. Sometimes painting pixel by pixel to get what needed done. All in all though I am happy with the end product.

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