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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past weekend Juli and I went home for Easter.  I took good friday off so we could take the early bus down to Ithaca.  A friend from church dropped us off at the Greyhound station an hour before the bus was due to leave.  We got our tickets and sat there for 40 minutes with  about 5 hours of sleep.  When it was time to board We were the first ones on and we went straight to the back.  I quickly sketched out the bus.  But by the time I finished the bus was full.
Most of the rest of that day was spent resting.  But that evening Alexandra Payton was having her senior recital down at Ithaca College.  I felt so old being that all I could think about was the first time I met her was in Dallas when she was a little girl.  For her last piece she came out with her Army Cornet, gave her testimony and played a hymn.  She even gave the Army salute.  She did wonderful
I thought I was going to get some sleep that night but dad invited me to mens' fellowship the next morning.  He and uncle Walt cooked the breakfast.  The gym was setup for the chapel service and the flowers made it smell wonderful.  The cross still had the purple sheet drapped on it.
When I got home I stood at the kitchen window and drew my favorite tree.  It must be over a hundred years old.  I can remember sitting on my bed as a boy in my bedroom looking at that tree and just being facinated by it.

While I was doing that I noticed a chipmunk sitting up on the left elbow knot.  I went out on the deck and quickly sketched him(brr - it was still cold).  When I went inside I noticed he'd moved to the knot just above the old stump. I saw him go back and forth through the tree.  Then noticed another one in there with him(a whole family)

Later that afternoon dad dropped Juli and I off at the Barnes and Noble.  We relaxed for a couple of hours.  Juli reading and me drawing.  I threw these down.



Easter sunday Major Hostetler(the Divisional Commander) was the guest speaker.  He precided over the induction of several new soldiers in the corp.
I did notice that the sheet on the cross had been changed to white.  I knew it was Major Carvil that did that but still the site of it(having seen it the day before in purple) stuck me.  He is risen indeed!

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