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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

El Morro

A few weeks ago I was sitting there with my wife Juli, trying to describe the Spanish colonial fort "El Morro" in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  it took a bit, but it only got her confused more, LOL.   It is a very interesting place and for some a very hard place to imagine.  I did a quick sketch of it's most dominate feature and used in most of the ads for the island.  For me, I will never forget the place.  I can remember having a friend their during my second stay there that was in the coast guard.  Because of that he was able to get me into part of the fort that were off limits to the public.  Having talked to Juli about the place has made me feel nostalgic and I've decided that one day I must go back to visit again.  In that feeling of nostalgia I created these two quick sketch's.  I send these out to all my family and friends that have been there too.  In this cold winters' night look on these and feel warm.

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