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Monday, September 5, 2016

Going to the Roc Con

Well - I will be off to my first Sci Fi convention (as a contributor). Over the past couple of years I have made friends with a gentleman who owns a Comic Book store near my home called Rhino Comics and Collectables. His subject matter is up my alley so I would hang out and talk shop. Before too long I had created some artwork for him. My first endeavoure with him was my black Star Wars T-Shirt last Christmas. I had a few hiccups with that one since it was my very first T-Shirt design done through a professional T-Shirt company and I did learn a few things.

But over time I developed a bit of a comic style that would reproduce well in print and a slightly different one for T-Shirts. Now this convention was coming up and I felt it would be very good exposure for me and my business, but I could not afford the cost of the booth space at it. I stumbled across the idea that I could help out my friend by being part of his booth and setting up a "small" section for myself. We talked and he agreed. We took all the artwork I had created for him and made a few more to have printed up for sale at his booth. Since he is a Comic Book Store we went with the fake Comic Book covers and a matching trading card.

All this week I will post one cover and one trading card here so you can see what I have created for this weekend. During the weekend I will post news about the Roc Con and some of the artwork I have created for myself to advertise and sell myself to this clientelle.

For today, sticking with a theme, I will show you the first Comic Book cover and its trading card. A play off of "Star Wars" it is "Rhino Wars".  I took the famous poster from the first movie (episode 4) and turned it into a cover with Rhinos everywhere.

From here I took an adaption of my first T-Shirt design and redid it to match the Rhino theme of the fake cover.

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