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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roc Con day 2 and last

I am so tired, and today I did a lot of networking with several of the artists present and also some of the writers. I got a lot of help that will be working out over the next few months and a very good idea of what goes into having a successful booth a the Con for next year and the cost to me (beyond renting the booth) in supplies can be minimal. There is some cost in making some prints but the nickle and dime sales are small "sketch cards" that are all done by hand and only measure 1" x 2" each - that I can cut out myself and make a good selection over the next year to get ready.

I did get one good bite from a local writer that wants me to create a graphic novel version of a story he has already written and published. Don't worry, I will go over with him a contract an costs, but it also mean 50% of all sales will be mine. I did one commission for this weekend that was strictly a preliminary pencil drawing That took me a couple of hours and since it did not go beyond that it too was not too much for the buyer, but it payed for the money spent this weekend.
 I also did a portrait of JG Hertzler from Star Trek - He was one of the guest actors that was supposed to be there this weekend but at the last minute he had to go home for a family emergency. UGH - I wanted him to autograph it. I did cause quite a stir at the Con, my drawing. So it may be something for me to look into for next year - that is portraits like these as prints for sale.
Anyway - it was fun all in all - met a lot of people - and a Harry Potter group from my home town of Ithaca. Here are some of the standout people I met there.

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