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Friday, September 9, 2016

Going to Roc Con

Well Tomorrow(Saturday) I will be going to the Roc Con and I have blitzed almost every hour since getting off of work today to get ready. New cards to hand out and some prints. I got a couple of projects started for me to finish while I am at the convention to give people something to see as to how I do my work.

Now the last comic book cover and trading card again played off of the Image I used yester day for Capt Rhino.  This time it is Iron Rhino.  I had the image for the trading card but had to make a cover from scratch. I did cheat a little in that the background is a scene from downtown Rochester that I had done for another project. I also wanted to make this cover specifically to commemorate the Roc Con itself. Any way here are the images.

I did have a little fun with the filters in my graphics program to create the flares you see in hand, chest and under foot

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