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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anderson Alley Artists Studio Lofts

     If you did not know it was there you may miss it.  The Anderson Alley lofts are in the back half of an old building on Goodman st.  The front of the building is occupied by the 'CITY' newspaper.  They are studios for rent to artists.  I found it when I was unemployed and working with the states dept. of human services to help me find a job.  I noticed the sign for them one day after doing what I had to for the day.  So I went over to check it out. 
     they have a turn of the century elevator that they use for bring in and out large pieces of work so I skipped that and walked the stairs.  Long hall ways ware lined with studios of all sizes.  Some of them big and are shared - some small.  The age of the building gives it the feel of being perfect for artists.  the floors are the original wood floor that creek.  Paint and stains are everywhere.  And the smells of the chemicals we artists use permeates it.  I feel at home there.  Just can't afford to have a space there.  So I go to visit the other artist there.
     Most of the outside is covered with vines and during the fall it is wonderful to see the reds and yellows mixed with the greens.  it is the work space I dream of and at the moment that is what it is - a dream.  Oh well.  So I sit here at my drawing table in my bedroom and do most of my work from here.  One day I will graduate to this but for now I go to keep the dream alive.

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