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Friday, September 7, 2012

 So, continuing with the landmark theme here are a couple of sketches of the Hojack Swing Bridge here in Rochester, NY.  It is slated for Demo next month.  There is a group here trying to save it.  It was built in 1905 and served the railroad right up to the 1970's.  What I find interesting is that it is already designated as a national landmark yet the Coast Guard has ordered it torn down.   Anyway, I am documenting the bridge on the chance that the group trying to save it loose.  I would love to get permission to go out to it and get some close ups. It fascinated me the first time I saw it.  Blunt industrial look, lines ad intersections everywhere.  The group leader tells me it is still as strong as the day as the day it was finished.  They don't make them like that now.  One of my friends tells me how he and his friends used to sneak onto the bridge when it was still in operation.  Every day the railroad would turn it to keep the bearing loose.  He would get onto it just before they moved it, just as they would sound the horn.  Then they would sit it out till the bridge came back to shore.  The electricity is still
running out to it to light the hazard lights.  Recently someone snuck onto to it and put a pink flamingo on the top.  Of course the ducks and geese love it out there. For as ugly as it is it is also a beautiful structure.

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