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Friday, August 7, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand Day 5

Person, place or thing. It as sometimes a bit difficult to decide what to draw. Granted, I did draw a lot more people the anything else, but I was also drawn to places or objects.
People always, by assumption, reflect emotion or story. But, so did places. Objects, on the other hand, to me were mostly just excersizes. Now, if a place spoke to me I did my best to recreate the story or emotion of it. It did not always come across so that others could see it, but it was a record of what I felt. If I looked back at a drawing I could remember it and it would touch me again.
Below are three examples - go to them to read about what got me interested.

By the time I got close to home it was almost 10pm. Everyone on the bus just wanted to get home. this guy took advantage of the lack of people on the bus and streched out all the way - in the back row of the bus. I felt like doing the same but feared falling asleep so I drew him

 Early on in my work for Frontier I worked till about 7pm. At that time of night I had to walk 45 minutes to the Monroe Community College to catch my bus home. That late at night there where maybe 1 or 2 other people waiting with me there. This scene no longer exists since the college remodeled the front entrance, but from here in the Lobby I would sit and wait for the bus. It was lonely and quite often read the time away. The only light outside was from the street lights that cast the shadow of the railings above. It was very lonely

 The front seats of the bus are designed to fold up in case a handicapped passenger came on. One evening while riding I was intrigued by the intricacies of the nuts and bolts and hinges on those chairs and had to draw it

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