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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Snap Shots by hand - day 2

Day two of the Snap Shots by hand and I wanted to touch on two early pieces. I had mentioned that I started sketching to get better at drawing quicker. And that is very true on the bus. Most of the people I drew were done in 10 minutes or less. Quite often 5 minutes.
It forced me to fall back on one of my oldest art lessons from my art teacher in high school. She had us excercise with "minute drills" as she called them. We would start with an object or person to draw. We were given 15 minutes to draw it. Then on a new piece of paper we had 7 minutes to draw then 3 then 1 we ended up with the same object in 10 seconds.
It was an excercise to teach us to bore in on the "essence" of what we drew and not on the person or object. I have had to apply this to my sketching. Of course that is now over 30 years ago I started that and I did get out of practice for a while, but 5 years of sketching has fine tuned my Minute Drills.

Check out the two below

 This gentleman did notice me drawing him, but chose to do his best to ignore me. To me, he was the epitomy of the generation just before me. No smartphone or tablet, this man was taking the time to get his news or entertainment from a newspaper.

 Inside the Sibleys building, when I first moved here, you could still talk to a clerk and buy you passes from them. This booth has long since been replaced buy the sleek new Transit Center with push button bus pass ATM's and touch screen info screens. I am glad, though, that they still have Customer Service reps in the center to help direct people.

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