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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand Day 3

Drawing these people and places brought me closer. What I mean is, On the bus we travelers tend to make a point of throwing up invisible walls around us if we are alone or stick to talking to the people we know. Now my wife Juli would be the first one to say I don't know a stranger. I can talk to anyone. However, there are people that don't want to reach out beyond themselves.
That is more so on the bus. But, what I have found out on the bus, drawing, is I can open them up, get them out of their shell. Sitting down and just start talking to someone and they may think you are nuts. Sitting down and drawing them, well, that catch's their interest.
I have have more people just start talking to me because I am drawing. Yeah it usually starts out with "WOW" then leads into talking about them and their interests - their lives. I enjoy that. Check out the two below.

 It was her cap that caught my attention and I had to draw her. she was from Africa and had not been in the U.S. that long. It was taking her a long time to get use to the cold winters here. I haven't even yet. She had explained the cold to her family back home and they had made the cap for her to wear. She was very pleased with the drawing and took a picture of it and had immediately sent it to her family from her phone

Late night riding home meant an over crowded bus. I got lucky to get a seat all the way in the back right in the center spot. I could look down the isle. Up at the front people were sitting on each other and craming the isle all the way to the back door. It was so crowded the isle did not even exist. Thank God I got off at the very end of the route. By then I was the last one on the bus. But we all did out best to stand the conditions so we could get home.

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