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Friday, August 14, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand Day 12

I sometimes wanted to just draw the scene from the different bus stops I had to wait at. Spread out every where it is like a pin in a map. "YOU ARE HERE!" It is what I fell back on when I was tired of seeing the same people over and over again on the bus.

Several of the stops I have draw no longer exist what with the new Transit Center downtown so it is also a record of the city's history. here is a collection of the different "bus stops" I have drawn - check them out.

A very quick sketch drawn from inside the bus stop on Jefferson - east of 390 - looking east. I was a foggy rainy day and I was glad for the shelter to sit in. I tried to express the wetness of the scene with the reflections of the cars and pole on the road.

 Downtown at the bus stops on Broad St. This stop was eliminated after the Transit Center was built. Here the #17 bus to Nazareth College with a bike on the front rack.

A view from the bus stop on Jefferson rd on the west side of 390 looking back east. The pidgeon's have a colony under this bridge and during the day they line up on top of the street light arms.

View form the bus stop on Jefferson rd, east of 390 looking west. This time I was looking through the glass walls of the shelter with the yellow dots to warn people that there was glass there (makes me laugh).

 Inside the bus stop at liberty pole. Across the street is the Triangle building at the intersection of Main and East ave.

 Back to the Broad st station that had 7 shelters there. I remember it was another rainy day(hint-lady in the scene with umbrella)

 The Temporary bus stops on Main street. Between the 2 poles in view were the bus's lined up in front of the Chase tower

Late night view of the Shelter at Liberty pole downtown

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