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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand Day 9

Early Morning or late evening I get the same kind of people - the dead to the world (sleeping). At first I felt apprehensive drawing them, but over time that wore off.

Generally speaking, they are my best models since they don't move, that often. I see a person like this now I take a moment to decide if I want to draw them or not. They can be comical at times and other times I worry that they may miss their stop. It has happened a few times while I was on the bus.

Still they have given me some of my best sketches so I will continue to draw them. Check out the two below for more details.

5 pm during a hot summer day. That was this guy. I imagined it was the end of a day of work and he was tired. Within minutes of getting on the bus he was like this. And he stayed like this all the way downtown. I felt this way too but this pose was too good not to draw - so I did.

On the ride into to town this woman got on a few stops after me. Her walker was overflowing with grocery bags. Within a minute of sitting down she was out. But her walker had other ideas. Every time we turned a corner the bags would swing and the whole walker would tip over. Me and one other rider kept throwing out our hand to stop the walker from falling over on us. She on the other hand never seemed to notice

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