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Monday, August 17, 2015

Snap Shots by Hand Day 13

Some people make more of an impression then others. Granted I have seen thousands of people in this city. After so many how can they make that impression.

It is exactly why I draw them. I look for something to strike me and I draw them. That way - even years later - I can tell something about them just by glancing at the drawing I did of them. The drawing itself becomes my memory trigger.

These drawings are a record of my own mind as well as my own skill. It is the apitome of what a journal is for. Check out these two below.

Now I travel at 6 am in the morning - when I go to the call center to work. Because of that I can recognize all the people that ride with me. This woman works in the IT dept for U of R hospital. She has the same hours as I. Every morning when I get on there she is in the back, sound asleep. One morning I couldn't resist and I drew her like this. Yes, I did tell her about this drawing and she had a good laugh.

The man with the unique tattoo's. I had seen him several times and was the kind of guy most stayed away from. He fidgetted and twitched. He mumbled with out opening his mouth. Some people were afraid of him. I felt he was the other way around - being afraid of us. But when he put on the earphones and turned on the music he stopped all of that. The volume was up high enough that I could hear classical music. One piece I recognized and hummed and bobbed my head to it as he was - he noticed and after a second of staring he smiled and went back to it

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