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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 12

Under the shadow of the Mercury Statue is the Aqueduct Park.  A sliver of green space just off Main st. on the west side of the Genesee river.  I had passed by it many times but never went in.  Too busy traveling to and fro.  However, one warm spring afternoon I had some time to kill so I wondered around the area taking it all in.

Plenty of different views presented themselves to me to be drawn but, a seagull caught my eye.  Or should I say he was eyeing me.  Obviously, they were used to people being there and being there with food.  I started talking to him and he let me get pretty close.  As I sidled up to him I noticed he was framed by the arch of the Main st. bridge.  So I took out my sketchpad and drew this.  I had to keep talking to him to keep his interest.  Which meant I got a great model for the drawing.

While I am drawn to the history of this city I am also an artist and when a image strikes my fancy for its beauty.  Whether it be a person, place or thing I will look for an opportunity to draw it.  Several of these drawings have nothing to do with a subject of importance.  Some are drawn just because the pattern or shape caught my eye.  Like this one. 

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