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Friday, March 27, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 9

Even the destroyed history of this city finds a place to thrive.  After a long day of trapesing all over the city to put in job applications I decided to walk around the Sibleys building.  I had seen this steeple from a distance and wanted to check it out.  As I got closer I saw that it was ONLY the steeple and nothing else.  It had been fenced off and turned into a garden.

As I walked around I saw some placards and from it learned that this had been Saint Josephs church and it had caught fire.  This steeple was all that remained standing.  But, instead of demolishing it, it was left standing.  Many years later the parishioners decided to turn it into a garden to honor the church.  From this view you can tell it was still early spring.  The beauty of what it had been is still apparent from what is left behind.  Even early on this city knew how important its' history was and did something to preserve it.

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