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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 3

For my final scene at the Marina I wanted to reflect that it was a "working" marina as well as a pleasure craft marina.  I had plenty of slips for those but also workshops and working boats as well as plenty of older pleasure boats laying around.  Some on trailers some on their sides and lots of junk laying around.. 

When I came across this tug boat I was reminded of the city's past.  The port was a major port for industry for over a hundred years, but no longer.  This relic will probably never see work again.  Yet it still seems proud of its work.  Though hidden amongst other rusting boats, this one seemed to have its chest puffed up with the knowledge that he'd worked hard helping this city grow.  With that image in my head, of his pride, I chose to draw it,

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