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Monday, March 23, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 6

Spending so much time downtown during the cold months, looking for work, meant I hunted down any place I could get out of the cold and sit down to eat my lunch or read.  There weren't too many places to sit down without having to buy something to eat and I did not have the money to do that.  But I found it here.  At the Baush and Lomb tower.  They had an atrium.  It did have a cafe there but you did not have to buy anything to go there and sit in peace.  I had the added bonus of the sense of spring in the middle of winter.

It was all glass and girders with trees and bushes and flowers and grass growing there.  Quite a few times I went there just to enjoy the plants(and the 2 or three birds that always seemed to get in there.  The one thing they were strict about was taking pictures. No problem.  The mix of industrial with nature and the lines going every where made for an interesting scene.  I will go back some time and scope out other angles to draw.

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