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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 8

So I am a bit late with this one.  I was forced to re-digitize this one since I lost the last one somehow.  Anyway, Onward and upwards.  So this is the first one of the Warner Buildings I will be talking about.  The Powers Building.  This building would be considered the height of arrogance.  It was originally designed several stories smaller but, in a fit of vanity and pride two building owners kept wanting to one up the other and kept adding more floors to out do the other.  The winner was this building and it is a beut.

I had a bit a a hard time drawing all of those windows - yet - I just love this building and I took the time to re-draw it in a larger scale later.  It is one of the buildings designed by the Warners.  This city is dotted with their work from the 1850's on up to the 1930's.  The fact that so many of their work is still in use today is a testament to work.  Today the actual poster arrived and it was beautiful.  The front has a bit of a leathery feel to it and would make for a wonderful addition to the history of the city.

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