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Monday, March 23, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 5

Between going to my state appointed work site and the job office I spent a lot of time down by the east end of main street near Goodman Ave.  Down at that end of main is the city Auditorium.  Many traveling Broadway shows come here.  There are more modern theaters in the city but this one has the ornate look to it. 

It is that "ornate" that drew me in.  From a distance they are small enough not to make an impact.  But I walked by it quite often and this one time I stopped to study just the external sconces.  They were made of bronze.  But, what drew me was how much detail was thrown into a small light.  While the more modern buildings seem to spend more on the "clean" lines, the older buildings have details and squiggles and swirls and business. 

I stood there drawing the basic shape of it along with just one section of the sconce and the background gate since it was close to freezing out there.  At home I finished it up.  It was about this time of year when it could be very cold or tolerable and the jacket I wore that day was too light.  Of course I was new to the city and did not know to be prepared for this weather.  As time went on here I did more sketches in the cold.  But, still the weather dictates how long I can work on it on site.  Thank God I started carrying around my digital camera for times like that.

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