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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 15

This image has a two fold meaning for me.  Through out the Downtown area the city has made a point of adding touches here and there of its' past.  Now, from what I have been able to find in the Archives, these lamps are not exactly the same as what it had in the past. But, it is close.

These and the four lamp variety are all up and down Main street here.  Having them in front of the more modern buildings they are just lamps.  But, in front of one of the buildings from the turn of the last century - they become part of the building.  They are, of course, modern but still make the street look right.

The history buff in me likes that but the artist in me also loves the lines and shapes of it.  It is functional but also beautiful.  Since the city repaints them every so often they stay pristine and glow in the sun light.  Even in the day time they make a statement.  The building behind it is theWilder Building on the corner of State st. and Main.

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