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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 31

Another forgotten monument.  This time for the Spanish American War.  Knowing history now, a totally useless war fought - in my opinion - for American Imperialism.  Possibly why this monument is not center stage anymore.

At first I didn't see it.  It was behind some trees.  Literally, the trees were right up in the face of this giant eagle.  It was in a tiny cement park behind the Blue Cross Arena, "or also known as the War Memorial Arena".  It wasn't until I came all the way around the Arena and came back to the same park from the other side that I saw the Eagle.

To get this angle I had to climb up into the cement planter that has the tree in front of it and lean back against the tree trunk, looking up.  It is large.  Its style is very simplistic and reminded me of propaganda artwork.  Very bold and strong.  Usually , to me, that just slaps of over compensating or trying hard to shout out doubts that might be lingering.

Still, it does make a statement and IS a beautiful statue.  I may love history, and military history more, but that does come with a good sense of understanding what we have done right and wrong as a country.  This war was wrong but we did have it and some brave things did happen.  Hiding it behind some trees still doesn't mean we should forget it.

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  1. You captured the majestic sense of this statue in the foreshortening perfectly Mark. Fantastic.