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Friday, April 10, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 22

Books marks to a crowded section of the city. Crowded with short buildings.  As I walked to one of my bus stops I noticed this site.  It is a hoge poge of  buildings from different eras of this city making up a jubled mess that was a bit insignificant because of that.  But two landmarks set up the scene. 

One, the Kodak tower, that will never go away. And the other the smoke stack for the old power plant by High Falls.  The tower, I feel, will always be there.  It is one of those buildings that define this city.  It was built before cars came along.  The other is already gone.

I understand progress and believe it must continue.  But, as my wife and I have learned from watching "Planet Earth", all progress must be measured by what we gain and what we loose.  Sure the power plant is no longer used and that land can be used for something else.  However, is there more we can do to save the parts of the city that stand out.

I talked several days ago about the mercury statue here that was brought down but saved and later put back up in its original spot to celebrate our past.  That one smoke stack was recognizable for miles and for many years had the logo of the falls painted on it.  Not all smoke stacks should be saved and there is one further down the river that should be looked at to mark the early industrial history of the city.  But that one stood out from the rest.  Maybe that is why it came down so fast and others are still there. 

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