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Monday, April 13, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 25

This is one of two I did from the same spot.  The other one will come later, but this one I did because it was raining.  As I walked down State street towards High Falls it began to rain.  At a quick glance I saw a spot that was covered and I ran to it.  It was the parking garage across from Frontier Field stadium.  As I stood there my eyes began to wonder. Normally that means at eye level, however this time my eyes where led up.

And what I saw there caught me off guard.  Yes, it is a stair case for the garage.  The lines radiating out, though made me stop there.  I whipped out the sketchbook and drew this scene.  It reminded me of a diagram of DNA. Yet another example of modern design getting it right.  The aesthetic of it drew me in.

When an architect takes the time to approach their work as art, not just function, they design a building that makes a statement. And this is one example, a parking garage stair case.  Who would've thought.

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