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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 14

The second drawing from the Public Market was in the open air pavilions.  It was crowded and I couldn't stand long enough to draw this shot so I took out my camera and took a snap shot to get the details down.  Then, as quickly as I could I sketched out the general layout of what had interested me in the first place, this little old lady.

I kind of chuckled in my head when I first saw her there in her leapord coat.  So determined that she never seemed to notice me there.  Her mind was focused on getting her vegetables then getting out of there.  It was that determination that peaked my interest.  She seemed to laser in on just the stuff she wanted and ignored the noise around her.  Me, I kind of got there too drawing her.

Again the angle was hard to do so I worked quickly - but it gave me a good overview of the entire scene.  That included the entire environment but in a way that made it dynamic and pleasing. 

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