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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 27

What a difference a change of angle makes.  This is the same rail yard and same wire bridge.  But this one I drew from the over pass of Main St.  As I walked over the rail lines I stopped to watch for a while.  It was a busy day there and this engine was constantly pulling back and forth under me. 

It appeared as if they were setting up a long trail of cars for a journey out west, or south - who knows.  Anyway, it was interesting to watch the dance of back and forth, switch tracks, lock onto a set of cars and repeat.  I watched this for a good hour or so. 

As I mentioned, my maternal grandfather had a passion for this.  He worked the railroad for a while during the depression and it stayed in his veins for life.  I remember is small train set set up in his home when I was a boy and it fascinated me.  I have two little train set buildings, my mom and dad have one of my grandfathers and my uncle Walt has his own setup too.

This is not a love of beauty or aesthetic or style, just for a way of life that I drew this scene.  The railroad did have its own set of aesthetic too but here it is just remembering my grandpa

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