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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Rochester Warner Family Legacy

Well - now - I wanted to show off another of the posters I have created.  This one is called "The Rochester Warner Family legacy".  It centers on two men, father and son.  The father was named Andrew Jackson Warner, The one in the white hat.  And the son was John Foster Warner.  Together their work spans almost 80 years.  Of the the buildings they designed that are still standing most are still in use today.  To simplify things I have picked 8 of the most widely known buildings in Rochester.  Their mark, though spans most of the western half of New York. 

I will start with what I have here as maybe the smallest of the bunch, the "All Souls Chapel" in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.  An English Gothic styled church.  I have yet to spend some time at the cemetery to document it.  But, by far, this chapel is the main reason I want to go there.  It is beautiful.  I have passed it numerous times on the bus and keep telling myself "some day"  That tower is the epitome of medieval castle to me. 

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