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Friday, April 24, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 36

So, one early spring I decided to walk all the way down to Charlotte beach from my home.  I took a shortcut down a trail under the power lines that lead down towards the lake.  This trail lies in between back yards.  Near the end of the trail I came across a gulf course.  A small one, only 9 holes.  because this trail ran in between back yards  I came across the maintenance sheds and parking lot.  There were 4 tractors parked there and they look like this below.

Two of them had red snow plows attached and two with these green ones.  I was enamored with the flowing, elegant shape of the plows juxtaposed to the old industrial tractors.  when picking which ones to draw I picked the green because it was spring and the plants were budding everywhere.

This is an example of drawing something just because it caught my eye.  No historical or preservation just - WOW, COOL.  Yeah, yeah, I know boys and their toy tractors and trucks. But, they were cool.

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  1. It's beautiful Mark. You have the enviable talent to see beauty in both the small things and the big ones. An illustrator can capture a scene, but a true artist can transform it. Great work!